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Tech Ranch Austin, an oasis for entrepreneurs and their startups – also called an incubator

Tech Ranch Austin is a technology incubator headquartered in Austin, TX.

Tech Ranch Austin focuses on accelerating pre-seed and seed stage technology companies that can change the world.

The Tech Ranch Austin offers various programs to help entrepreneurs and their startups succeed by offering various services that support every type of entrepreneur. Their services are as follow:

  • Venture Forth Program
  • Pioneer Program
  • Office Space
  • Barn Builders
  • Entrepreneur Office Hours

Venture Forth Program

This is a class for entrepreneurs to help you define your idea or to help you grow your startup. This program/class helps you discover the potential of your idea, and teaches you how to grow with it all the way until it becomes a successful business.

The Venture Forth program meets one day a week for 8 weeks. The topics covered in this program are as follow:

  • Taking the entrepreneurial plunge
  • Can I survive on a bootstrapper’s budget
  • Fail Forward Fast
  • How do I find the right team
  • Start up nuts and bolts
  • Proving the idea before pulling the trigger
  • Secret (and not so secret) funding avenues
  • Researching the market and the competition
  • 3, 2, 1 Launch! (or Abort)

When you sign-up for this program, Tech Ranch Austin also offers you 24×7 access to their offices, access to Tech Ranch Barn Builders and a ton of free services to support your startup.

The cost of this class is $495 per participant. See their website for an up to date schedule.

Pioneer Program

This is the program to follow-through of the practices and growth you learned in Venture Forth. This program allows you to connect to other entrepreneurs and get valuable feedback on your progress. It is a support group for entrepreneurs.

The group meets each Tuesday afternoon at noon, this is where you can ask for advice and/or offer advice to other entrepreneurs.

Tech Ranch provides office space, 24×7 access, shared services, conference room a collaborative environment and the Tech Ranch staff is available as you need them as well. Sounds good? well, it is.

The cost of this program is $150 per month, and $100 per month if you are a Venture Forth graduate.

If you are interested in this program you can enroll using this form.

Other benefits of this program include unlimited Wi-Fi, mail service, access to Tech Ranch sponsors, mentors and staff, use of work areas, conference rooms, lounge and kitchen.

Office Space

Tech Ranch also offers dedicated, closed-door offices for technology startups, without the burden of a long-term lease. They have small, medium and large offices with a fixed month-to-month lease. You can cancel your lease at any time with only a 30 days notice.

All offices include the following:

  • All utilities except phone
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi access to the Tech Ranch network
  • Mailing address
  • Desks, chairs and whiteboards for each office
  • 24×7 secured access to Tech Ranch
  • Conference rooms and training facilities
  • Unlimited usage of Tech Ranch common areas such as desks, living room and kitchen
  • Support from the Tech Ranch staff as needed

If you are interested in leasing one of the spaces they offer, visit their FAQ page, attend a Tech Ranch Campfire event or contact them at info@techranchaustin.com

The cost of these offices is as follow:

  • Small offices (!150 sq ft): $400 per month
  • Medium offices (~200 sq ft): $500 per month
  • Large offices (~250 sq ft): $600 per month
  • Large Teaming Room (for up to 10 people company): $1250 per month

If you are interested in this program you can enroll using this form.

Barn Builders

This program helps match Austin area entrepreneurs with local people. If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for someone to design your site, develop an application, etc… you can then join the Barn Builder network to find the right people.

This program is open to everyone Tech Ranch promotes this program to unemployed or recently laid off people from Austin, and the cost of this program is zero, nada.

If you are interested in this program, take a moment ant introduce yourself to the Barnbuilder community.

Entrepreneurial Office Hours

The Tech Ranch partners advise startups on a variety of topics such as raising capital, market strategy, operational logistics, etc… The first 30 minutes of the consultation is free. Hourly rates and project-based rates are available. There are also special discounts available to startups participating in other Tech Ranch program.

To enroll in this program, go to one of the Campfire events or email Tech Ranch at info@techranchaustin.com.

Tech Ranch Austin is another valuable resource available to entrepreneurs in the city of Austin, TX. It is a good way to connect to other entrepreneurs and see first hand what is working for them and learn from others. The resources such as office space, supportive environment and access to other services is great, especially if you are bootstrapping your startup and don’t have much money to spend on a lease, etc…

Tech Ranch Austin’s address and contact information:


2311 W. Rundberg Lane
Suite 200
Austin, TX 78758

Office: 512-339-3242

Until next time.

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