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The robust, secure and simple way to use WordPress, WPEngine

A new Austin, TX startup company is born today. WP Engine opens its waiting list to the world. This is the only way to request an invitation to use WP Engine and experience this premium WordPress hosting platform.wpengine

What is it?

WP Engine is the right way to host your WordPress blog. This new Austin startup offers a robust and secure way to host your WordPress blog and it also takes care of the maintenance of it for you.

What else could you wish for? There are other solutions out there that offer WordPress hosting. However their offerings are not as flexible as WP Engine. Most of these providers have strict “rules” about the use of plugins, JavaScript, etc… WP Engine gives you complete control over customization and it also takes care of all the IT stuff, such as backups, security, scaling, performance, upgrades, etc.

The Features

  1. Fast
    You get all the goodies, caching, file minification, image compression, and the use of a content delivery network for your media… in the end what’s important is that WP Engine makes your blog fast.
  2. Secure
    Hardware-based intrusion detection that protects your site from Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks and rogue scanning. On the internal level, WP Engine protect everyone’s sites by limiting access to secure protocols and isolating each account from each other.
  3. Scalable
    WP Engine treats your blog like a web application rather than “just a blog”. You can get that TechCrunch coverage without fear of your site being taken down for a traffic spike.
  4. Plugins and Theme recommendations
    WP Engine’s team are WordPress experts, they will suggest the best themes and plugins based on their own experiences.
  5. One-Click Staging
    WP Engine keeps it simple. They will make a complete copy of your blog and save it in a separate area. This allows you to “experiment” with new plugins, new css, etc without worrying about messing up your blog. To use this feature, you’ll just have to click a button labeled “snapshot”, then the magic happens.
  6. SFTP Access
    Secure FTP access to your wp-content directory, you’ll be able to use your favorite tool to modify your HTML, PHP and CSS files. How convenient is that!
  7. Power Users Rejoice
    If you are a developer you’ll love this feature. While you are developing/testing a new plugin, you’ll have access to PHP error logs and web server activity logs.
  8. Easy to Try, Easy to Leave
    WP Engine does the right thing, they will lock you in a contract, they believe in their service. Here are some details about this from their site:
  • Complete backups of your blog (both database and files) are available right from your admin screen, so you can walk away with everything, any time.
  • Month-to-month contracts with no penalties for leaving.
  • No sign-up fees.
  • Move a copy of your blog to our service and try it before you switch.

The Team

Co-Founder: Jason Cohen
Co-Founder: Cullen Wilson
WordPress Shogun: Aaron Brazell
Advisor: Ben Metcalfe

I just recently switched to WordPress for my blogs, it is a great platform and I am excited to know that a robust, secure and scalable hosting solution is now available to host my blogs.

Would you like to try it? view details here.

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