Can you catch the Intel WiMAX Wanderer in Austin, TX?

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WiMAX WandererWant to join a scavenger hunt to win some get great prizes, including Best Buy gift cards and WiMAX-enabled laptops!  Well this Saturday September 25th the Intel Wi-MAX Wander is hitting the streets of Austin giving out clues via his Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare on where to find him.

People that find the Wanderer will score some great prizes, including $25/$50/$100 Best Buy gift cards. Plus one lucky person will win their very own WiMAX-enabled Dell laptop.

Austin Tech Geeks will hand a Flip HD cam to one of our readers just for a recommendation on where the WiMAX Wanderer should stop.

What are you waiting for? use the comments area below or Tweet your tips to @austintechgeeks to tell us what cool spots in Austin the WiMAX Wanderer should stop by and win a Flip HD camera!

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent two Flip HD cams to give away on this blog, per my discretion, as part of the WiMAX Wanderer promotion.

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